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Feb 17, 2014
Posted by: plh
The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare bought the i-Term Suite for managing their terminology.
Mar 21, 2012
Posted by: plh

i-Term is now TBX-compatible. The DANTERMcentre has developed a solution that makes it possible to import and export data using the standardised TBX mark-up language which is based on ISO data categories.

Mar 8, 2012
Posted by: admin
The demo version of i-Term, which is accessible via, has been upgraded to i-Term v. 3.8.0


Knowledge management on the Internet with the i-Term Suite

i-Term is a state-of-the-art terminology and knowledge management tool which allows you to store, structure and search for knowledge about concepts - on-line!

A workplace will always have a specific terminology within its own subject field. This terminology is the key to the company and must be known by the employees in order to ensure correct and effective information retrieval and communication. Using consistent terminology is also an important factor when communicating with customers and suppliers.

But knowledge transfer is not always an easy task! The bigger the company or organisation, the more valuable time is being spent on disseminating information to different people. Think about how much time it takes to introduce new employees to the work flow of his or her new workplace, and how long it takes to understand the concepts and the terminology which are being used in a new working environment. And what do you do when the employee who knows all about a core topic retires or gets a new job?

i-Term stores a lot of information about core areas of a company and allows the entire organisation to access this knowledge.

The i-Term Suite consists of the termbase i-Term and the optional modules i-Model (a graphical concept-modeling tool), i-View (a read-only interface for all employees in a company) and i-Find (a simple search program).

Try the i-Term Suite free for 3 months!

Contact DANTERM Technologies and ask for your own personal user name and password for the i-Term demo.

Link to the i-Term demo:




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