• Lessius Hogeschool, Belgium
  • York University, Canada
  • GEA Liquid Processing Scandinavia A/S
  • The Danish Prison & Probation Service
  • The Capital Region of Denmark
  • The Danish National Board of Social Services
  • Schultz Information
  • KMD
  • Sadolin & Albæk A/S
  • Aalborg Industries A/S
  • Copenhagen Business School
  • Stockholm University
  • océ
  • ISO

    Users’ commentaries

    “With i-Term we have gained control of all those wordlists which are otherwise stored in files all around the office. So, how easy can it get? ?!”
    Thora Ø. Nielsen, Case Manager and Secretary, Sadolin & Albæk

    “For us, i-Term is pivotal in our work with concepts within the social area. It is a good and clearly laid-out tool with an intuitive approach.”
    Helle Wittrup-Jensen, Concept Consultant, The Danish National Board of Social Services

    “The essential and characteristic feature of i-Term is that it is so easy to use; this is very important for both working with the database and for printing out data. On the job, terminology work must not be time-consuming and quick solutions must be available. There is neither time nor energy to worry about technical problems, such as set-up, use of functions or printing out data.”
    Lise Mourier, Associate Professor, Copenhagen Business School

    “Both i-Term and i-Model are logically formed and easy to use. All data input is performed on the same screen page, and that results in much fewer mouse clicks than in other comparable programs.
    i-Model generates concept systems in a very educational way, and that means that those who are not used to thinking along concept line feel themselves at home in this world very quickly. It gives them an up-front understanding of the benefits which the company gains from systematic terminological and classification efforts.”
    Troels Thomsen, Terminology Specialist, The Capital Region of Denmark