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Jul 20, 2010
Posted by: admin
KMD has chosen i-Term as their terminology management tool.
Oct 20, 2009
Posted by: admin
Schultz Information has chosen i-Term as their terminology management tool.


i-Term is a unique termbase product which has been developed in order to combine the latest IT technology with the most recent research within terminology and concept modelling.

The internet terminology and knowledge base is a tool for companies and organisations who wish to make  their terminology accessible to all employees - or other target groups, and it can be integrated in an intranet or be published on the Internet.

i-Term combines a tailor-made specialized dictionary ordered by subject with functionality that allows the user to store and retrieve knowledge about company-specific concepts and expressions which are entered into i-Term.

For example, in addition to its definition, a concept can have associated usage examples, sound and pictures, a comment on any special usage, links to internal and external references, information on experts or other reference material where you can find out more about the subject. The information can be in one or more languages. All in one tool.

i-Term’s flexible search facilities enable you to search data in all directions. You can link to external websites, PDF files, mail address and the like, and data can be exported and imported in XML format. You can create a source library with names of experts and relevant publications. Additionally, you can set up to five different levels of user access to i-Term.

Advantages of i-Term:

  • Easy access via intranet/Internet
  • User-friendly interface
  • Flexible search functionality
  • User access at different levels
  • Supports all languages
  • Integration of multimedia files
  • User defined classification / subject categories
  • Possibility for created company-specific fields
  • Source reference library distinguishing between written and oral references
  • Hyperlinks to other terms, websites, PDF files, mail addresses etc.
  • Export and import of data in XML
  • Export to TBX, OmegaT, WordFast and CaseComplete
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