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Feb 17, 2014
Posted by: plh
The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare bought the i-Term Suite for managing their terminology.
Mar 21, 2012
Posted by: plh

i-Term is now TBX-compatible. The DANTERMcentre has developed a solution that makes it possible to import and export data using the standardised TBX mark-up language which is based on ISO data categories.

Mar 8, 2012
Posted by: admin
The demo version of i-Term, which is accessible via, has been upgraded to i-Term v. 3.8.0

Usage & Prices

No installation needed

The i-Term suite needs only a browser. We recommend using a recent version of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge.


Old, now unsafe or problematic techologies like Flash and Java etc. are not used in the i-Term suite. Only safe up-to-date HTML technologies are used.

Hosted solution

i-Term runs on our secure server as a hosted solution. This means that you benefit from 24/7 surveillance by system administrators in a protected server environment. Thus we can safeguard your data, and provide the highest degree of availability (up-time). We use quality web servers physically located in the EU.

Note: We emphasize the safety and other benefits of the hosted solution, but recognise that some organisations prefer to use their own servers. In this case we offer to install the i-Term suite on your server.

Prices according to your needs

Various combinations of i-Term features can be selected, and prices also depend on the number of users.

Please contact DANTERM Technologies for information on prices.

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